Solving real world problems in high risk environments.

At APHD we use an evidence-based, reliable, scalable process to inform the design and optimization of clinical infrastructure, equipment and teams.  We combine techniques from human factors and high-risk industry, simulation and usability testing to create customized solutions that are as unique as the people and teams that rely on them.

Design thinking-based simulation

We use multi-modal simulation combined with design thinking principles to generate design solutions in high risk and complex clinical environments.  

Video review and framework analysis

We combine feedback from structured debriefing with direct observations and video-assisted analysis to understand how people and teams interact with all elements of their clinical workspace. 

Usability testing

We develop streamlined, efficient and safe solutions for a range of design, logistic and ergonomic challenges by employing established usability and prototype-testing strategies developed in high risk industry and tailored for the clinical environment.  

Multi-modal simulation

Simulation, a technique that helps re-create clinical experiences, can involve any combination of high-fidelity patient mannikins, patient actors, table top exercises, task trainers and more.  By systematically defining project objectives, we then select and deploy a combination of simulation strategies customized for the scope and nature of the project at hand.  

Debriefing: Focus on Systems and Teams

Structured debriefing is an essential component of the simulation process.  Guided by skilled facilitators, participants describe their experience, their interactions with team members and how they functioned within the clinical environment.  This in turn generates a rich data set that can be used to inform process and design. 

Process, clinical design and safety

We prioritize design features that enhance usability and decrease risks for error. The focus of our processes always on the end-user, be it patient, clinician or team member.