Drs Petrosoniak and Hicks are both internationally recognized speakers and educators, and are available for speaking engagements and media upon request.

Christopher Hicks

High Performance Teams: The Secret of Success (SMACC Sydney)

Making Complex Problems Simple (dasSMACC Berlin)

Learning from Sim Part II: Critical Moments in the Emergency Department (das SMACC Berlin)

The Fog of War: Training the Mind of the Resuscitationist (EMCrit Podcast)

Andrew Petrosoniak

Resuscitation Economics (resusTO Toronto)

Massive Hemorrhage in Trauma (EM Update Toronto)

Chris and Andrew

Zero Point Survey (resusTO Toronto)

Trauma Resuscitation: The First and Last 15 Minutes (EM Cases Podcast)

The Sick and the Dead: Evidence-Based Trauma Resuscitation (SMACC Dublin)